Ingwenya strives to achieve a balance between economic, social, and environmental aspects in our operations in a responsible manner. We ensure compliance with our clients' environmental, safety and health policies. Our main focus is on:

Natural Resources






Natural Resources

  • Water & electricity.
  • How do we mitigate the scarcity?
  • Our plant models are designed to use minimal water and electricity.
  • Recycling and reduction of water: we opt to use closed-circuit systems to the extent possible to maximise recycling of water and minimise discharging into the slurry dams. We implement effective water management plans throughout our processes.

Zero tolerance on safety: We target zero

  • We ensure a safe, healthy and appropriately skilled workforce.
  • We provide a healthy work environment for all our employees.
  • We provide all necessary PPE and safety equipment.

Our employees

  • We regard our employees as valuable assets.
  • We partner and invest in our employees by upskilling them and giving them experience.
  • We ensure good labour practices.

  • We strive to create value for our clients.
  • We treat our stakeholders as part of our team.
  • We build and maintain successful relationships with our clients, employees and host communities.

Continuous Improvement and Process Development

  • Our operational and maintenance strategies are tailored to optimise our processes.
  • We strive to continuously improve our processes and equipment.
  • Good relationships with the OEMs add great value in this regard.


We help uplift the lives of the communities through:

  • Local entrepreneur development.
  • We prioritise the employment of the community members.
  • We do our best to fit in our clients’ SLPs and other CR strategies in terms of training, employment or community projects.